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Béla Hamvas

Béla Hamvas (1897-1968) is considered as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century Hungarian literature and philosophy with a worldwide recognition. His œuvre connects the highest quality literature and philosophy in such ways that can only be seen in the works of the Spaniard Miguel de Unamuno and the French Albert Camus or Maurice Blanchot. His high literacy and humanism set him on a path opposite of every totalitarian dictatorship for what he was banned from publishing in 1948 after the Hungarian Communists came into power.

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Béla Hamvas in his garden in Szentendre, Hungary, 1968

The Philosophy of Wine

The Philosophy of Wine by Béla Hamvas

Previous editions of Béla Hamvas’s A bor filozófiája (written in 1945), including those in Hungarian, omitted some material that has been restored in this translation, making it the first complete edition of the work in any language.
A new translation of a unique and much-loved book by the philosopher and writer Béla Hamvas, only the second of his works to be available in English. „The Philosophy of Wine” is an apologia for the rare, solemn moments of life, of ease, of play, and self-forgetful serenity.

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Medio Publisher LTD.

Medio Publishing LTDThe Medio Publisher Ltd. was founded in Budapest in 1998 solely for the purpose of researching, processing and publishing Béla Hamvas’s œuvre.

We inherited the second and most important part of his work in handwriting and its publishing is still ongoing today. MEDIO Publisher Ltd. undertook the presentation of his entire work, publishing 30 volumes and several individual books so far. In 2016 the Publisher also participated in the creation of a documentary of the author’s life which was shown on public television and several specific festivals of this genre. According to some contemporary and internationally acknowledged Hungarian authors such as György Spiró, Béla Hamvas’ writing is definitely of world class, while his novel titled “Karnevál” (Carnival) is the greatest pièce in the 20th Century Hungarian literature.
The MEDIO Publisher Ltd intends to bring out the whole œuvre in 38 tomes till 2023 while the elaboration of the Hamvas Béla’s variurom will start in 2020. Meanwhile many books of him will be published in different languages such as “The Philosophy of Wine” and other essays and studies on his then contemporary foreign writers and philosophers. These books will give the Hungarian and the International readership a more and more all-encompassing understanding of his thinking so gaining recognition for his œuvre.