The Philosophy of Wine


Previous editions of Béla Hamvas’s A bor filozófiája (written in 1945), including those in Hungarian, omitted some material that has been restored in this translation, making it the first complete edition of the work in any language.

A new translation of a unique and much-loved book by the philosopher and writer Béla Hamvas, only the second of his works to be available in English. „The Philosophy of Wine” is an apologia for the rare, solemn moments of life, of ease, of play, and self-forgetful serenity.



I. Tree – The Metaphysics of Wine – The World of the Mouth – Hieratic Masks – A Glass of Wine: Atheism’s death leap – Eschatological Excursus – Oils – An Epilogue to the Metaphysics (Apologia)

II. Wine as Nature – Wine and Idyll – Grapes, Wine, Precious Stones, Women – A Wine Catalogue (Outline)

III. The Art of the Wine Ceremony – Mouth Harmonies – When to Drink and When Not? – How to Drink? – Where to Drink? – Res Fortissima (For Pietists and Puritans) – Vita Illu- minativa (The Final Prayer).